Thursday, December 23, 2004


do I look this much like Fred Savage in real life?

First, we should decide what exactly is "real life." Do you mean everything else, but this picture? Isn't this picture real life? You're not pretending, are you? If by real life you mean all moments leading up to but not including this snapshot, I'd have to answer "No," you don't usually resemble Fred Savage in real life, nor, for that matter, do you resemble him all that much in this photo--other than a slight suggestion of Savage from the lifting of your brow and the expression on your face, and posssibly because of the general similarities of hair color and complexion. You may, in fact, more closely resemble (in this picture only, not, as you say, in real life) Fred Astaire or Fred Flintstone. I'll take another look at the picture. On second viewing, I now think the closest resemblance of all is to Soupy Sales. He also liked kids.
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