Thursday, December 23, 2004


i'm starting to like kids more

Tainá and Macleidsom came over again the other day. We dug up some cards Márcia had brought back from France (very simple concept, but very fun), busted out the old digital camera, and set to work having a blast. Here is some of that blast.

Cute kids. When I saw all the emotions in Portuguese (tristeza, etc.) it reminded me (once again!) of my reference for all things Brazilian--Black Orpheus. There's a song about sadness and happiness--a very sad song, it turns out, although a pretty one. I looked online for the lyrics and finally found them (it wasn't easy). They are here (I don't know whether this will show up as a link, but here's the URL):
Thanks fot posting the link -- I like that song quite a lot. The first couplet in particular is great. The translation they have puts the second line as "not so happiness", but as you could maybe figure out it is literally "happiness yes", which I think is much better, though of course it doesn't really work in English.

Tristeza não tem fim
Felicidade sim

Sadness has no end
Happiness yes

Also there are some other weird things, like the translator didn't seem to realize that a "fantasia" is not a fantasy, but a mascarade. The line "pra fazer a fantasia" doesn't mean "to embody their dreams" but actually something more like "to do a mascarade" -- literally to dress up in costumes. But otherwise it's a fairly faithful translation.
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