Sunday, December 19, 2004


some more pictures

I'll keep this short since it's ungodly late right now. Márcia is out playing with Ilê Aiyê tonight, though the show probably just ended. I just wanted to post a few more pictures, since I think people don't actually read what I say and just like to ogle palm trees (lord knows I do) from the comfort of their icicle-encrusted homes.

Yesterday I had a lot of fun with Márcia's 13-year-old godson Macleidsom (see extensive photo-documentation, and an incorrect spelling, here) and his sister Tainá, who is 9. Let me just say, those kids are great. I'm one of those people who is not generally thrilled with children. They can be good, sure, but I'm not taken with the concept a priori, and I'm often annoyed by actual children as well. But these children are two of the sweetest I've ever met. I was really charmed. Márcia and I played at being surrogate parents for the day, taking them to lunch, to the beach, and at night to Pelourinho, the touristy part of town, where we watched the Christmas floats and parades that have already begun. Then we ate pizza. We also had great fun disrupting an English class by yelling things in English at the students through the window.

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