Tuesday, December 28, 2004


tsunami relief donations on amazon

Amazon.com just put up a page where you can donate to the Red Cross for disaster relief. Even if you don't donate I think it's worth visiting just to keep hitting refresh and see the numbers rise. I timed exactly one minute, and there were 28 new donations totalling over $1750. It's heartening to see.

Also, if you want to see video of waves hitting...

It's always heartening to see that there are people of conscience and goodwill in the world. I have a running tally of the cost of the war in Iraq on my blog home page, just to remind me of the sheer folly and offence of it, to help me remember that others out there feel the same about matters of political and social injustice and oppression. I can totally understand the buzz you got from seeing that number rise. It helps us to cope with the numbers of dead rising daily, numbers I cannot begin to grasp the enormity of in terms of distress, pain, grief and sorrow. My heart goes out to the many who are suffering right now.
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