Tuesday, January 04, 2005


how to get money from harvard

I recently applied to grad school at Harvard, and in the financial aid section they ask a bunch of questions to find out if you qualify for "special" funding. Presumably these are special pots of money earmarked by their donors for people fitting particular descriptions. The questions starte getting strange, so I figured I'd share. Here are some of the things that might get you money from Harvard:

Citizen or native of:

A permanent or long-term resident of:

A graduate of:

A member of:

Planning a career in:

A lineal or collateral descendent of:

Harvard class of:

[who's alive from these classes and still applying to grad school? -ed.]

Please indicate if you have a family surname of:

If yes, please give exact relationship . Be prepared to provide documentation.

An employee of Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc. or any associated companies.

Re the Classes of '02 (19) and '89 (18, that is)--perhaps they are talking about the person applying being a descendent of a member of those classes?
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