Wednesday, January 12, 2005


read reihan

I've added another link in my friends' blogs section. It's to a group blog, and a conservative one at that (watch out, you commies!). My friend Reihan is an irresistably funny writer, a sharp thinker, and a mensch to boot. Plus he put up a link to my blog, and in the vicious quid pro quo of today's blogosphere, I have virtually no choice but to respond in kind. So read Reihan. Think of him as the Bengali hip-hop Margaret Thatcher.

Also, I can't resist putting in yet another plug for my friend Jamie's blog. He's lived in Japan 2+ years now, and writes the sort of perceptive social commentary, leavened with humor, that I would wish to write about Brazil if only I had the slightest clue how shit works here.

UPDATE: Just one example of what's in store.

Thanks Alex. I leaven everything with humor. Except during Passover. That would be a sin.
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