Sunday, February 13, 2005


Something happened on the way to the Forum: I stayed for 4 days in Belo Horizonte with the extremely hospitable Guimarães family, pictured here. I got to know Sarah in Boston when I was learning Portuguese and she was learning English. Her father, Mozart, reminded me strangely of my own father. Within minutes of my arrival he was showing me videos of "Crossing Over with John Edward," dubbed into Portuguese of course. When I asked him to play a song for me on his guitar he instead made an elaborate video of himself playing the guitar, including a speech to me in "english", and then had me watch the video. A quirky and gentle-hearted man.

Sarah's father, Mozart, seems to be an absolutely delightful human being. He obviously is hospitable (welcoming you as he did for four days), open-minded (hence his interest in John Edward and life beyond the grave), mindful of posterity (hence his interest in not only performing his music, but at the same time documenting it by videotaping, narrating, and then sharing the event), and a loving family man (in the photo, he can be seen bridging, with his head and arm, his daughter and wife). He indeed appears to be a very "gentle-hearted" man; however, I fail to see what's so "quirky" about him.

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