Friday, March 25, 2005


friends on the web, and news of me

Some friends of mine have recently had notable web-events. The good folks at Third Ward Community Bike Center have just put up a new website, handmade in the style of 1997 homepages, featuring far more and better information than their old site and many photos of adorable children operating spot-welders. Also neo-neocon, who has been blogging far more prolifically than anyone else I know, just got profiled by bigtime blogger Norman Geras. Read the interview.

As for me I'm in the US right now, checking out econ PhD programs, visiting friends, and trying to make big decisions about the next 5+ years of my life. So far it's been a fun and completely hectic trip. It's something of a relief to be back in the States for a little while, and to get to speak English to everyone. (Though for a while I was still saying "excuse me" in Portuguese whenever I bumped into someone, and it took me nearly a week to break the habit of throwing used toilet paper in the wastebasket.) Life is easier here in the States, at least for someone like me who grew up here, and it's been wonderful to see friends. But I'm also eager to get back. I find myself doing that annoying thing where I start every sentence with "In Brazil..."

I'm going to be in the Bay area Saturday the 26th to Tuesday the 29th, New Hampshire Wed nesday the 30th to Friday the 1st, and Boston Saturday the 2nd to Friday the 8th. If you're in any of those places and want to hang out, please give a holler.

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