Friday, March 04, 2005


off to rio...

As you might have gathered from my last couple posts, I haven't been having a really awesome time in São Paulo. Mostly this is context -- I'm here to try to get a job, so I've put off friend-making and all that enjoyable stuff for later. Social isolation makes me work harder, and it doesn't make much sense to put a lot of energy into meeting people if there's a good chance I'm about to leave. But beyond that, it really is a big old gray city. They weren't kidding about that.

So, I am rather pleased to announce that my non-roots São Paulo policy is paying off. I'm leaving tomorrow. One of my leads in Rio just got a whole lot more promising, and I'm going out there to have a meeting at the place I might work. Nothing is set of course, but they seem quite nice and interested in having me. It would be wonderful if this job-search thing could finally come to an end. And I know more people in Rio than in São Paulo, so social adjustment would be easier. Plus, it's like the most beautiful city on earth. I'm trying not to get too excited, because I know from experience how promising things can unravel.

To Rio!

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