Sunday, March 20, 2005


roland goes public

The New York Times Magazine just came out with a feature on Roland Fryer, the Harvard professor I worked for for about a year. I'm actually mentioned a little bit (in a scene that the journalist misinterpreted, but oh well). In general I think it's a pretty good article, so you should read it.

Don't be a tease! Clearly we all want to know how the scene was misrepresented.
Basically, Roland's comment was obviously a joke, albeit not one of his best. I definitely wasn't "stricken" when he said it, nor was I "relieved" afterward. Also, the reporter was sitting in the front seat so he couldn't even see what I was doing. But whatever.
That'll teach you to trust the press :-).

Other than that, the article, however, was fascinating. I wonder whether Roland himself felt misrepresented?
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